Thursday, March 15, 2007


I admit it, I take a nap every, and I mean, every afternoon. My daughter lays down at 1230 and I lay down at 1. Sounds a little ridiculous for a grown woman to take a nap but I don't care. Let me give you my average night. I go to bed around 10pm. I fall asleep instantly. Around 3am, I wake up and spend roughly the next 1-2 hours thinking. I am thinking about everything. Is Mia breathing? Does Max have clean uniforms? Does the oil in the cars need to be changed? Why is Peach so darn fat and why does she have to sleep between my legs? Icky needs a bath, he reeks and yet here he is on my pillow. You know, good, useless stuff. I don't want to get up and I can't turn the light on to read, so there I lay. I don't watch the clock until I know that in order not to be a total zombie, I have to go back to sleep. I pick a time around 5 minutes from the time it is and shut my eyes and open them again til that time. At that precise time, I close my eyes and go back to sleep til I have to get up. Weird, I know, at least I have some sort of goal though. I fall out of bed around 545 to start the day, already tired. It is an unfortunate situation. I have personally hung out with Abe and the beaver. Their desire for me to take medication for this problem was made clear. I have been there, done that with 2 kinds of sleep aids and not much changed. Until I find something that works, I am stuck. So, don't bother me between 1-2, I am buried under the covers with a fat beagle and a stinky poodle.

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Aaron Lenentine said...

You should get a sleep test. A lot of people with elevated cholesterol have something called Sleep Apnea. I had to get a machine that straps to my face and blows air. The air keeps my throat open so that I keep breathing all night long. Apparently, I was not breathing for large portions of the night and that's why I would wake up at odd times and stay away for so long (what I used to think was insomnia has now gone away, although it took about a year to normalize). The makes thing takes some time to get used to, but it was a choice between not breathing or breathing... not much a choice. I figured out how to live with the device so that I could keep breathing.