Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goodwill Games

It is my own opinion that I dress pretty well. I think that my son and daughter dress pretty well, too. I don't know if you find this shocking or not, but most all of our clothes come from Goodwill. I consider it a game to find stylish and in near perfect condition items at a place where most people send their clothes, not buy them. I don't buy anything stained or torn. If a button is missing, I search the inside for a replacement, that's what they are for, after all. You would be surprised at the shirts I have gotten that are missing the button when it is RIGHT there! Are people that lazy? I have seen all types of different brands at Goodwill. Some of my finds include, Polo, Oshkosh, Old Navy, Gap, Coach, and just about everything else. I can't justify spending $40 for a dress for my daughter but I have no problem spending $1.99 and that is before my 10% discount. I also find all kinds of decorative stuff. In the corner cupboard in my kitchen, I display bright colored pieces of decorative glass. Almost all came from Goodwill, and were under $5. Next time you see me, take a good look. Chances are my outfit cost about $6 and some change. Makes you think next time you go shopping and shell out $50 for some jeans.

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