Sunday, March 11, 2007


I'm sure everyone and their dog has seen "Titanic," with its amazing recreation of the ship that wasn't supposed to sink and the real story of Rose and Jack. I love Kate Winslet, she doesn't care is she is fat or thin, she is what she is. Leo, on the other hand, is a bit different, with his unusual choice of movies to star in and endless desire to save the earth by recycling whatever he can. Good for him. They both looked great in the movie even though Leo still retains that rather feminine quality. Of course, Rose and Jack weren't even real passengers on the Titanic. They just made the story more interesting by getting together, I guess. I saw a Titanic exhibit today and let me just say I would rather marry that weird Billy Zane than go back again. First off, it was waaaayyy too expensive. It was waaaayyy too short. If I had been alone, I could have been done in 20 minutes, and that includes reading all of the signs saying what piece of the ship was in front of me. The exhibit had different items the passengers had, menus, clothing items etc. Nothing very interesting. The only detail I remember was that it would cost $48,000 in today's money to have a first class stateroom! That was only $2500 in 1900's money but even that was alot. I guess old Leo can afford it, I'd be in steerage, no possibility of a rendevous in the back of an old car.