Thursday, March 8, 2007

Skinny Dipping

When I was an underdeveloped girl of 10, my parents joined a nudist club. Notice I didn't say "sex club" as one of my dearest's friends so bluntly put it. It was a place in the country with a couple of pools and a scary, green pond with a rope swing over it. I wasn't the only kid, there were several, so it wasn't like I was hanging around a bunch naked adults checking out the parts. Well, actually, I was, if you haven't seen a fat guy with warts under his arms, you aren't missing much. I don't remember thinking it was a big deal, no pun intended.

I had alot of fun and learned to swim and dive. One guy, Ron, taught me to dive. He wore 2 watches. Not sure why. I remember that I accidentally stepped on his you know what when I was trying to get out of the pool. Everything is so slippery in the water, you know.

Then there was Hoss. Where do I start??? He had hair that was super long and curly. He had about 3 teeth. He always wore work boots and a tool belt, that's it. What he really needed was some duct tape to secure a particular part of his anatomy to his leg. You never know what can happen when you are using a nail gun.

We moved to Colorado Springs that same year. It isn't easy to be a nudist in CO, you can freeze off things that you might need, just by stepping outside.

So, I was a nudist for a couple of months in my early years. I don't think that it made me a bad person, nor do I think that it made me a hussy. It didn't make me comfortable with my body either. I don't hang around naked much anymore. Not only does it scare me, but the mailman nearly had a heart attack.

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