Monday, March 12, 2007


I was in Walmart the other day, doing my usual shopping. It is early in the am, as I don't like crowds. There are very few people shopping at 830 on a weekday. I was blocking the way and a man tried to pass me. I said excuse me and looked RIGHT at him. He looked RIGHT at me and walked on with his cart, that had a huge bunch of paper towels in it. What is odd about this, is that this man is my UNCLE, has been for almost 38 years. He is not known for being one of the smarter men in the family. He wears velcro shoes, with brown socks and shorts, not a fashionabale guy either. He used to work for the same prison I worked at. I asked them not to hold it against me. His nickname, revealed to me in my interview, was Barney, after a certain Mr. Fife. He frequently let his tilt radio tilt until main compound control would have to dispatch guys to see if he was alright. He was, just oblivious. I guess things don't change much.

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