Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hair Experiment-Day 4

I have been using the baking soda/cider vinegar plan for 4 days now. I have noticed a few things about my hair and/or washing it.

Baking soda-no lather-hate this
Baking soda in eyes/mouth-hate this
Baking soda-quick rinse-love this
Cider vinegar smell-love this, especially on french fries
Cider vinegar smell in hair-I thought it was supposed to rinse out?-I am not a french fry
Baking soda/cider vinegar-hair is like straw-hate this

My hair's texture is like dried straw. Wavy, dried straw. Time to try a new approach. This am, I washed with the soda and used an Aveda deep conditioning to reel in my straw head. Seems to be much smoother and smells better. Maybe I will post pictures, maybe I will go back to lathering shampoo.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hair Experiment

I have been reading alot about washing your hair with baking soda and cider vinegar and how much better it is for your hair than all of the chemicals found in regular shampoo. Now, I absolutely HATE HATE to have dirty, greasy hair so this concept is as foreign to me as Mandarin. I like to have squeaky, good smelling hair that is easy to comb through. But, I would also like to have hair that is easy to style, which this no shampoo approach is supposed to remedy. Apparently, the lack of chemicals cleans your hair better, leaving it in a more natural state, allowing for curls to be curlier etc. Problem is, I don't have any curl and very little wave, so I am thinking this is going to leave an oil slick for a style. Lots of people have good luck with this, and since I don't work, I figured I would give it a try. This is the first day with the soda/vinegar alternative. There is no lathering, which is the part of the process that I love the most, and no smell, until you add the vinegar. So, I got the job done but figured that combing would be a real mess. I was wrong, combing was just fine. My hair felt nice, actually. Hubby thought it looked really good too. Here is a picture of day 1.

The wonderful stylist I have, read my blog! Horror! I thought she would tell me to bust out the shampoo but... I was wrong! She doesn't wash everyday and has great hair. I am hoping mine will look as good as hers. I'm not holding my breath because she didn't offer to come over every day and help me style it and everyone knows I can't do anything with my hair... I love her anyway, though.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I don't think that I know how to relax. I can't do it, there is always something that I need to do or should be doing, so my mind, or body, takes over and I can't relax. I used to think that sitting in front of the tv or surfing the internet was relaxing, it isn't. When I play Scrabble online, it is stressful, having to concoct words so that you can win. It is also stressful when you fall 5 games behind. Where is the fun in even playing, I sometimes wonder? Where is the fun in doing laundry, washing floors, putting stuff away, dusting? I don't know... How can I relax?

I have a relaxation fantasy, if you will. It doesn't include Brad Pitt, Angelina will just NOT let him go. If he was in the fantasy, it wouldn't be very relaxing anyway. I would have to have my hair and makeup perfect and my thighs and stomach, well... Just not happening. So, the fantasy starts out with getting a massage by just hands, no one attached. I don't want to be talked to etc. I just want to relax. After a nice massage, I would move to the hot tub, where I would sip a nice, frozen margarita. No salt, not much alcohol, just a lime Slurpee. I would then move to the beach. I don't like much heat, it would be warm but not where I am sweating, because sweating isn't relaxing. I would lay(or is it lie) at the edge of the water and the waves would gently reach me, surrounding my warm skin with cool water. I don't know what kind of bathing suit I am wearing because that takes away all of the relaxation. I know I'm not svelte and so I have deemed this a private beach and bathing suits optional. The air is fragrant with flowers and I can hear the palm trees rustling in the distance. I might even hear some dolphins. I am no expert on where dolphins really live and this is a fantasy so they can be in my backyard if I want them to be. Maybe I am relaxing. I don't get hives from the sun, I don't get all sweaty and no one is there to talk to me. Maybe I will get some Mexican food. For some reason, the beach is always in Mexico. I know there are beautiful beaches in Europe and around the world, but I know I like Mexican food, so it just seems to work out best that I am over the border. I try to use this fantasy when I can't fall asleep. It rarely works.

The next relaxation fantasy I have deals with the mountains. I am not really a beach person so this one tends to work a little better. I am in a huge valley with craggy, snow covered mountains all around me. I am laying in deep grass with millions of wildflowers surrounding me. The smell is intoxicating. I am looking into the bright blue Colorado sky. The sky is endless, like looking into Heaven. Not a cloud in sight. Beautiful. When I get up, I can see the amazing colors of all of the flowers and trees. I'm not that big into nature but can appreciate everything that I am seeing. I can hear the birds chirping and the deer gently rustling the brush. Squirrels are poking around, looking for a snack. I am having a snack myself, trail mix, with lots of almonds and M&M's. Usually, trail mix gives me a horrible stomachache but this is a fantasy and if I want to be drinking Long Island Iced Tea while eating trail mix, while standing in a field, juggling chain saws, then I will. I end my fantasy by walking to a log cabin and having a nice dinner, the menu yet to be determined. I'm not sure the mountains are associated with a certain type of food, so I will just leave it at that. Nevermind, that I will be getting those sun induced hives, that I am allergic to everything outdoors and am afraid of rabid squirels. While this is a nice thought, it doesn't really keep me that relaxed.

In my quest for relaxation, I have tried many things, laying with my feet up on the couch, a glass of wine, exercise, reading, surfing the internet, watching tv, cooking, drugs(not the street kind), napping and a bunch of other stuff. As of yet, not much has worked. I'm not sure what is going to do the trick, though I do have that call into Angelina to see if Brad might be available.

I think relaxation is overrated.