Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I love comments on my blog, however, I don't like being hit with a bunch of idiotic statements by people that trash me. I supposed it is part of having an open blog but I would never trash someone's life, education or family by reading their blog. A blog is a form of free expression, something that is meant to be funny, make you laugh. If you check my comments, you will see that someone with little humor or common sense, for that matter, left me with snide, ridiculous comments. I love that they are posted anonomously, what a coward! The thing is, I don't care or I wouldn't have posted them. They speak for themselves. Ha, ha! They are funny!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

If I like Jacob, does that mean I am a pedophile or a zoophile?

I have to admit that I jumped on the bandwagon and read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. A bunch of my mommy friends read them first, with the promise that they were quick to read and still rather enjoyable. I didn't know at first they were a series for teens. Oh, well... I read the first 2 books in 6 days. They are HUGE, for those of you that don't know. I liked them and was glad that I didn't have to purchase them for myself, all 4 books were generously loaned to me. Thanks, Sara and Tracey! Anyway, I am wondering if I will break down and see the movie. I am not particularly fond of the character that plays Edward. He played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter series. I don't like that. I didn't want to think it was Cedric that was hot. I don't even really know if I think Edward is hot anyway.

Here is a brief synopsis of what I have read so far. Bella, is a clumsy, beautiful girl with lots of bad luck. Edward is an old vampire that masquerades as a high school senior. He likes the way Bella smells. Nice. He doesn't hunt people anymore, he has become "civilized" and only eats animals that he hunts. Bella is drawn to his weird amber colored eyes and hard, cold body. He is fast and drives a sports car. Sounds like a winning combo.

Bella makes friends with a kid named, Jacob. He is a Native American and is described as tall, dark and brooding. Later, he turns into a werewolf, a concept that I couldn't really stomach. Of course, a vampire is totally realistic. You can see my point, I hope. Jacob becomes Bella's confidante, although he hates the bloodsucker, Edward. She appreciates his hard, hot body, and I'm not sure that I don't mean what you think I mean. There hasn't been any sex in the first 3 books, one can hope for the fourth book. All of this makes me sound like some sex-deprived school girl. I just think it would make things a bit more spicy, though, probably not appropriate for the teen set. She loves both of them, so who knows?

I can't offer much more than this because I am just starting to read the last book. I am betting that Bella and Edward marry and go on a honeymoon to the local blood bank. I don't know... I am kind of rooting for Jacob, though, I mean, he was human, right? A vampire typically sounds kind of sexy and romantic, while a werewolf sounds smelly and furry. Plus, I am allergic to dogs, so that may rule Jacob out. Hmmm... What to do? I guess I will finish the last book and let Stephenie decide for me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

No foxes on Fox

I used to watch the local news all the time. I used to come home from work, get my dinner and sit down in front of Roger and Cindy. I have seen both in public and was shocked that they aren't nearly as tall as they look on the news. I guess the TV adds height as well as weight, though neither are fat. I have actually seen Cindy, early in the am wearing no makeup! Even newspeople go to Walmart, I guess. One person I thought was kind of hot was Michael Schwanke. He is pretty young, but that's ok. A few years ago, I lived across the street from a big crime scene. A lady was decapitated and burned. I saw a bunch of kids standing around a news guy. It was Michael Schwanke. I headed over, the oldest person by several years to check him, I mean, it out. He was kind of short but otherwise, was pretty cute. It reminds me of that ludicrous movie, "Wayne's World." Wayne and Garth would say, "Schwing," when they saw a hot girl. Well, let me say old Michael got a big, "Schwanke," from me!

Once I married, the local news fell by the wayside. Darling husband seems to be addicted to Fox News. It is ok, but I loathe politics and that is pretty much all they talk about. Or, they pull out some obscure story of a woman stuck on a toilet seat. Nice. Anyway, there are no, I repeat, NO hot newsmen on there. Let's have a look.

I have to say that CNN has the supreme handsome newsman. How can you not love that silver haired, Anderson Cooper? I have heard that he plays for the other team. That is too bad because he is a hottie. Fox? Um, I think that the only guy that can touch Anderson is Sean Hannity. While he is pretty hot, his hair is out of control! It looks like a wig, that needs to be pulled back, as it is meandering too much over his forehead. Still cute though, and pretty much the only reason to watch Hannity and Colmes.

Let's look at Alan Colmes. Maybe we shouldn't. He resembles a skeleton, and not a healthy skeleton. His hair changes color now and then, weird colors. He looks about as good as he sounds on his show, and that isn't good. I am beginning to think it should just be called, "Hannity." One of their guests is another scary guy. Dick Morris used to work for Bill Clinton. They had their spats and apparently, Bill got so mad at Dick, he chased him across the White House lawn and tackled him! I would have loved to see that! Anyway, poor Dick is sooo scary! He wears more makeup than I do and has some seriously puffy hair. I am inclined to believe that once his gig was up with Bill, he went the route of the drag queen. He must make it to Hannity and Colmes within minutes of his show, as witnessed by the swoosh of blush on his chubby cheeks.

If we take a look at the Fox women, we will see what the Fox stands for. Lori Dhue, is a busty, bleach blonde with gigantic, lusty lips. She isn't listed on the personality list anymore. I am wondering what it is that she will "do." Maybe Playboy called her, I don't know.

Megyn Kelly is attractive, though in need of a hairstyle change, like many of the Fox women. She is smart and pretty so she is easier to pay attention to. She is a lawyer and way better to watch than that smarmy Geraldo Rivera.

Uma Pemmaraju is pretty attractive. She is the first Indian/American newscaster. Like the others, she is very intelligent and has a long list of accomplishments. She also has eyes that could burn a hole in you. Literally, they are lasers.

Lis Wiehl is pretty close to Megyn. Both are lawyers, attractive, blond and in desperate need of an update in the hair department.

Yet another Fox blond, is Ainsley Earhardt. Did I forget to mention she is another blond? Didn't think so. She has a journalism degree and was named "Best Personality of the Year," in Columbia, SC. No lawyer, but I guess it doesn't matter when you are a guy, married or not, and want your wife/girlfriend to think you are watching the news to get something, other than a boner, out of it.

I really don't want to get into Ann Colter. I worked in a prison and she scares me. Personally, I think that she and Hannity are in the coat closet during commercials. She is smart, brash and has alot of blond hair. Like most of the other women, she wears short skirts. What is this all about? I don't see the men strutting around in Speedos and I suppose that is a good thing. Dick Morris in a Speedo would likely make me so ill, that Greta Van Susteren would probably start looking good. YIKES!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I know, I know, this isn't good, but I am going to do it anyway. First off, I am going to quit using the term "blogger," it sounds manly, and the people on my bloglist are all women. I am instead going to use the term, "bloggette," I don't care if someone else came up with it, whatever, I am going to use it. So, here I go.

A fellow "bloggette," Chantel, posted a desire to hear about the people that visit her blog. She has a few great blogs, about the kids, the twins, her photography, her life and gets hits from all over. She has asked that comments be left, regarding who you are and where you're from. I would also like to do this.

I get alot of hits from Wichita, obviously, but there are the others, that stop in from Bahrain, Qatar, Tijuana etc. I am interested in their stories.

Thanks, Chantel for letting me copy, well, you didn't know, but thanks, just the same!

Leave a comment and thanks!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Obama...

Dear Obama,

I think that it is great that you are going to be the next President of the United States! I thought I would give you an idea of why I think you are such a great guy and perfect for the job.

I am sitting here watching a DVD of my unborn baby. I am about 7 months pregnant with another little girl. She looks pretty good but I am feeling depressed and am thinking of having an abortion. I know it is late term but I have heard that you are a champion of women's reproductive rights. I hear that means that late term abortions are ok, as long as I get a doctor's note, saying that I am depressed and it is all because of the child I'm carrying. Well, I haven't slept much lately, so I am hoping to qualify for that note. Once, the baby is aborted, she will be thrown in the trash, even if she is breathing. What was that nurse's name that held that little boy as he died? I want her there, so at least there is some comfort for the child I killed. Thanks for your vote!

You know, I think I like Bill Ayers. He seems cool. Maybe I could start my political career in his living room. I am willing to overlook the fact that he tried to blow up police stations and the Pentagon and shows zero remorse. That is a tough guy and I would be proud to have him assigned to any government office. Maybe Secretary of Defense would be a good position. Mingle the domestic terrorists and the foreign terrorists. Maybe you could book a nice hotel for a big reunion/get together for all of the people that hate us in the world. I hear Hamas endorses you! That is great news! Congrats on that! Maybe you can invite them too.

I hear Acorn is quite the organization. Good for you for helping people get housing etc. I hear that they are having a bang up year getting people registered to vote. I can't believe that Mickey Mouse has registered! That is damn fine news. There are Seven Dwarfs, so that would be 7 more votes! They might need a place to live too. As far as I know, they are white, so maybe you could make an exception. If you need more cigarettes, let me know, I will go buy some at QT, so you can hand them out to those people that keep registering. I must say that cigarettes and cash will get you a long way. To be honest with you, that is how I enticed my husband into marrying me. I added a little booze, but figure it's all good!

You know, I agree with Michelle about how she is only recently proud of the US. We pretty much suck on all fronts and I for one am glad she has the balls to tell it like it is. Maybe she should have been your choice for VP. Let Biden go back to that restaurant he likes. Oh, I forgot, it closed a long time ago. It's ok because I hear his memory is failing. Something about a helicopter forced down. Yes, snowstorms are a bitch! Anyway, I am proud of this country more than ever. If we can get Mickey Mouse to register to vote, then hot damn, we are ready for anything!

You know, I wanted to point out that I am not a huge fan of McCain either. He is an old man, a guy that was tortured daily, while in the Hanoi Hilton. Man, I hear Hilton's are really nice! Maybe I will ask my husband if we can go to one. We should have plenty of money, after all of his earnings go to pay for everyone to have healthcare. That reminds me, I am willing to give up my choice of doctor's just so your plan will work. If I get really sick or one of my kids does, I am totally willing to wait months to see whatever doctor will see me and if I need surgery, I will wait as long as it takes. Man, Socialist medicine ROCKS!

In conclusion, I am thrilled that you are President! Just so you know, I don't care if you are black either. I certainly don't consider myself a racist, anytime a person with little political background and shady friends want to run for office, I will show them my support, no matter what their color. As for Sarah, she may have better legs, but you have better policy.

Thanks and have a nice day!


I was tagged by a fellow blogger to post a picture from my sixth album. Well, I don't even own six photo albums, so was a bit stuck. I had to email Diane, the tagger, and get some clarification. Yes, I am a dork! Anyway, this is a picture of Mia, when she was but a wee tiny girl, about a month old. She is sooo tiny, still way under 6lbs. It is so cute because her daddy is a big guy and she is such a little baby.


Friday, October 10, 2008

My cat




I have had my feline, Sofie, for almost 10 years. Because she is a cat, she owns me, not the other way around, I suppose. The Sof, Sof the Flof(those rhyme), Flofious are all names she is called. I got her because I was having a huge amount of stress at work and read that a pet could be very relaxing. I'm allergic to dogs so a cat, which seems much less work, seemed to be am option worth exploring. So, I went to Petsmart to adopt a cat.

The cats are behind glass doors, like a cat shop or maybe a cathouse. They are all in cages and you have to ask to go in. There were a bunch, mostly sleeping, others yawning, bored but pleased in their own cat way. I came to the cage that belonged to the Sof. She was fat, black striped with brownish fur and a cute, pink little nose. She seemed to actually have interest in me. She meowed and stuck her paw out at me. I had the girl open the cage and the Sof jumped out into my arms, wrapped her arms around my neck and started to purr. Apparently, I was going to be leaving with her. I signed the forms and packed her off.

She is a very sweet, fat kitty. She would always sleep at the top of my pillow and occasionally go for a snuggle under the covers. All that changed when I married my husband. Dogs and cats just don't care for each other. The dogs took over the bed, even the undercover snuggle part. We don't have the dogs anymore, so the Sof makes herself comfy next to me again. Now that I am pregnant, Sof cuddles in the curve of my even expanding tummy. I am guessing she thinks that is her female kitty duty, to keep me and the baby warm. I like it. I don't like the early morning kisses where her little tongue lodges into my nostril. The eyelid kisses also become a little painful.

All in all, Sofie has been a good cat. She is friendly and outgoing, where most cats are standoffish and aloof. She likes to be in the action and will go for a tummy scratch on whoever's lap she thinks looks appealing. Sofie is probably the best pet I have ever had. I will miss her terribly when she is gone.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jobs-Part 1

I have had many, many jobs, some interesting, some dreadfully boring. What better place to share all of my occupational woes!

My first job came at 17, right after high school. I wasn't allowed to have a job during high school so that my grades would remain good and to allow for all of my extracurricular activities, dating and drinking. The last part isn't serious, my parents didn't really know about the drinking and I didn't really date all that much. Anyway, after I graduated and got the cast off my ankle, I was expected to get a job. Trouble is, I really didn't know how to do anything.

Wendy's was hiring and somehow I finagled an interview. I was hired on the spot to be the salad bar girl during peak lunch times. I had to wear navy blue pants, that could have walked on their own, and a baby blue/white striped polyester shirt. Who doesn't love polyester? I also had to wear a hat. Not a big problem but this was the 80'2 and I had hair out to THERE. I put it into a ponytail and stuffed into my hat.

I showed up on the first day and was told that I would be trained by a girl a bit older than me, named Annette. That would be fine until I found she was deaf. She could speak a bit but I knew no sign language. We embarked on our journey into the freezer, where I would spend most of my day. We took a cart that was filled with several beige, plastic containers, all of which held the salad bar items. I would like to mention that I did not wear gloves, had few spoons and wore no coat. I was covered in Ranch dressing and potato salad. I was cold too. We hauled all the stuff out there and placed it in the iced salad bar. I looked like I had taken a bath in salad dressing. I even had it in my bra. It was a mess!

Time to get the lettuce. I had no idea where it was kept, not in the freezer, I knew. Annette gestured towards a gigantic yellow trash container. It was on wheels so I attempted to move it. I couldn't. It was full of water and lettuce. Here is where it gets interesting. I was to take a big salad bowl, dip it in and make sure it was full for the salad crowd. I don't think the salad crowd would be excited to know that the lettuce was recycled. I know I wasn't thrilled. I set it in the lettuce bowl place and went on with my business, knowing that recycled lettuce was probably the least of my worries.

I was also in charge of baked potatoes. I had to scrub them with steel wool. Little pieces of it stuck to my fingers and the potatoes. It was kind of scary, the thought of steel wool in your baked potato but I pressed on. Thank God, I didn't have to peel them. I went to put them all in foil, when I dropped one. Oh, the horrors of a Wendy's floor. Annette gestured that I wrap it up and send it on its way. I did.

Ok, so I am running the salad bar and on potato duty. Turns out, I am also in charge of chicken frying. Now, the other girl that started the same day I did, was making fries. Making fries, that is it. Meanwhile, I am running the gauntlet of salad bar, potatoes and chicken frying. Nice.

There are alot of things scary in a fast food restaraunt. I believe anything with hot oil that has the potential to singe your armhair, eyebrows or melt your skin is dangerous. I wasn't thrilled with having to toss frozen chicken into a fryer. The ice crystals basically blew up on you, no matter how far away you stood. Once, I dropped one of the patties on the floor. I figured I would throw it away. Nope, toss it in, the hot oil would kill the Ebola found on the floor.

Working at Wendy's during the lunch rush pretty much sucked. Guys would try to talk to me and ask me out. I'm not sure why, when I was covered in various vegetables, dressing, jello, steel wool and grease. I was nice but never accepted one of the tempting offers. I worked at Wendy's for 3 or 4 months. It was about all I could stand. No more food service for me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A job for today

Last Thursday, my wonderful hubby came in the door, hot(he's always hot) and mumbling that we had to take his truck to the repair shop NOW! As I scrambled to get Mia and myself, purse, keys, phone and whatever else into my car, I asked why. Apparently, the brake warning light came on, they weren't working that well and I guess there was a smell. Ok, good enough. We get to the place, it belongs to a former neighbor and someone we trust with our cars. They trusted us with their cat so I guess it's all good. We get there and they are closed, locked up, so we throw the keys in the little slot and off we go.

I get a call the next day, while sitting in the OB/GYN's office, no less, that there are brake problems. Ok, obvious, call my husband because I am about to be inspected by the doctor himself. I hear later that the truck will be done around 230.

Flash forward. I am now 8 days without wheels. Apparently, the part came and they broke it! Nice, I thought you were qualified mechanics. I ask hubby if I can call and "vent" nicely about the situation. He says ok. I am beyond po'd at these people. I explain to the guy all of the stuff I have, teen, toddler and a bun in the oven. He apologizes, but not profusely by any means. I want some honest, begging apologies. I don't get it. I question why we had to wait 1 day for a part and now we have to wait 5. He says the shop will be closed Thursday and Friday but would I like to rent a car for $25? Hello? NO! I think at this point, you should give me one and be done with this. You have alot of nice Range Rover's sitting there. Get in and get over here. Nope, nothing. So, maybe the truck will be done on Monday, maybe not. The owner won't be back until the 10th, so we can't even complain to him. I am housebound. We had places to go and people to see. If it isn't done on Monday, there will be a pregnant woman in the shop giving them a lashing they will never forget.