Friday, October 10, 2008

My cat




I have had my feline, Sofie, for almost 10 years. Because she is a cat, she owns me, not the other way around, I suppose. The Sof, Sof the Flof(those rhyme), Flofious are all names she is called. I got her because I was having a huge amount of stress at work and read that a pet could be very relaxing. I'm allergic to dogs so a cat, which seems much less work, seemed to be am option worth exploring. So, I went to Petsmart to adopt a cat.

The cats are behind glass doors, like a cat shop or maybe a cathouse. They are all in cages and you have to ask to go in. There were a bunch, mostly sleeping, others yawning, bored but pleased in their own cat way. I came to the cage that belonged to the Sof. She was fat, black striped with brownish fur and a cute, pink little nose. She seemed to actually have interest in me. She meowed and stuck her paw out at me. I had the girl open the cage and the Sof jumped out into my arms, wrapped her arms around my neck and started to purr. Apparently, I was going to be leaving with her. I signed the forms and packed her off.

She is a very sweet, fat kitty. She would always sleep at the top of my pillow and occasionally go for a snuggle under the covers. All that changed when I married my husband. Dogs and cats just don't care for each other. The dogs took over the bed, even the undercover snuggle part. We don't have the dogs anymore, so the Sof makes herself comfy next to me again. Now that I am pregnant, Sof cuddles in the curve of my even expanding tummy. I am guessing she thinks that is her female kitty duty, to keep me and the baby warm. I like it. I don't like the early morning kisses where her little tongue lodges into my nostril. The eyelid kisses also become a little painful.

All in all, Sofie has been a good cat. She is friendly and outgoing, where most cats are standoffish and aloof. She likes to be in the action and will go for a tummy scratch on whoever's lap she thinks looks appealing. Sofie is probably the best pet I have ever had. I will miss her terribly when she is gone.

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