Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Give me shoes or give me death!

My wonderful, little, 3 year old daughter loves shoes! She loves them so much that she requested boots and the new fuzzy Crocs, just like Dad's, only pink, for her birthday. I am wondering where she got this intense desire for shoes! LOL! I wasn't aware this type of gene existed. When I was around 5 or 6, I was forced by the evil doctor to wear "special" shoes because I had no arch. My parents had to make an actual appointment with the shoestore for me to get fitted. We got to be escorted into our very own special shoeroom. I always had the same nice man fit me with the most HORRENDOUS shoes I have ever seen! I had tennies that looked like red, white and blue bowling shoes. There are pictures so I know they existed! Because of this arch problem, I was unable to wear sandals. The horror! We lived in Texas and everyone was wearing sandals. Jelly sandals, flip flops, thong sandals, every kind of sandals! Not me. I remember vividly crying, screaming and acting like a fool at 7 years of age because, damnit all, I wanted sandals. Cheap ones from Kmart, I didn't care. Well, wouldn't you know? The ugly shoestore had finally managed to make some hideously unfashionable sandals! My mom, tired of my ranting, raving, teeth gnashing behavior, caved and spent, what I am sure was a fortune on these sandals. White with a couple of buckles and that lovely arch bump. I wore the hell out of them. As the years passed, I liked shoes even more. I could wear whatever I desired, and I did. From expensive tennis shoes to lime green Kenneth Cole's, my shoe wardrobe paralleled that of Imelda's. I am still quite the shoe woman and I can see my Mia is following in my footsteps, LOL! She plays in her shoes as well as mine. Who can ask for more than that?