Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Insert sad face here

I am sad for my friend! A man she loved dearly has disappointed her to the point of leaving him. This isn't to say there aren't extenuating circumstances that need to be addressed but you always feel a sense of loss when you split with someone. I feel it too. When I receive email from her, I can feel her pain, the sense of loneliness that comes from leaving someone close. We have all been there, hearts aching, eyes brimming with tears that come as soon as you hit the pillow, an empty feeling in the pit of our stomachs. Only time can heal this type of wound, however, our hearts don't tell time and are unaware of the pain that every ounce of our body feels every time we pass a restaurant we ate at, a movie we once watched together or a song on the radio that was our favorite. I can only hope that my friend and her man can work things out. That he gets the help that he desperately needs to in order to maintain a healthy relationship and healthy family life. That he can make her happy til the end of their days. I am hoping for him...

Friday, June 1, 2007

Oh, the woes!

Mia is 2 1/2. I am thinking it is time to stop paying for diapers and let's potty train! What the hell was I thinking? I don't have a Potty PhD and apparently never will. This has been more complicated than trying to figure out whether we should have kids or not. I thought the first order of business should be panty buying. Not just an ordinary thong will do for a toddler! Off we went to Toys R' Us for big girl panties. I let her peruse the display of every known cartoon character that ever appeared on underwear. She, of course, picked the Elmo ones, didn't even need a second look. She calls them, "Mo DD pannies." It is very cute. Next, we get a potty chair and even a "Mo DD" potty seat for the big potty, just trying to cover all the bases. If she wants to go in a bush, I will buy one of those too. I stayed home every day for a week trying to get the potty training taken care of. It went pretty well. She told me when she was ready to pee and I set her on the big potty. She went, got a sticker and moved on. Then, one day she decided no more Mo DD pannies! Lo and behold, we were not pottying in the potty anymore. I felt like a failure. My 2 year old can't, or won't, pee in the big potty, not even with snack bribes or a brand new Coach bag. Nothing. So, here I sit with a case of diapers and daughter that tells me when she needs a diaper change. No, worries, she still has a couple of years before kindergarten so maybe I will still have time.

Working on my fitness...

Up until this past week, I was visiting my local Y three times a week. A fellow mommy persuaded me to go sit on a bike with her for 20 minutes. Twenty minutes isn't really anything. For one thing, I never broke a sweat. Truly the only thing that happened from this semi-workout, is that Mia would become hysterical in the Kid Zone nursery. She was getting the workout, not me. Granted, I don't think a raging crying fit burns many calories. Eventually, I started going alone, sometimes meeting up and sometimes not. I found that I can do an hour of pretty good cardio without feeling like I am going to die. It feels good to sweat and my skin looks great! Well, I am also supposed to be lifting weights for, what my trainer calls, "toning." I think he is full of crap! My boobs are already big enough, thank you, very much. It is nice to be at the Y first thing in the morning. The only people there are elderly men that can use the Arc machine better than me, the fitness freaks(you know the ones, tight clothes, run for an hour at the highest speed on the treadmill) and firemen. Hmmm... I am hoping that if I keel over on the Arc, that at the very least a nice looking firemen comes to rescue me.