Friday, June 1, 2007

Oh, the woes!

Mia is 2 1/2. I am thinking it is time to stop paying for diapers and let's potty train! What the hell was I thinking? I don't have a Potty PhD and apparently never will. This has been more complicated than trying to figure out whether we should have kids or not. I thought the first order of business should be panty buying. Not just an ordinary thong will do for a toddler! Off we went to Toys R' Us for big girl panties. I let her peruse the display of every known cartoon character that ever appeared on underwear. She, of course, picked the Elmo ones, didn't even need a second look. She calls them, "Mo DD pannies." It is very cute. Next, we get a potty chair and even a "Mo DD" potty seat for the big potty, just trying to cover all the bases. If she wants to go in a bush, I will buy one of those too. I stayed home every day for a week trying to get the potty training taken care of. It went pretty well. She told me when she was ready to pee and I set her on the big potty. She went, got a sticker and moved on. Then, one day she decided no more Mo DD pannies! Lo and behold, we were not pottying in the potty anymore. I felt like a failure. My 2 year old can't, or won't, pee in the big potty, not even with snack bribes or a brand new Coach bag. Nothing. So, here I sit with a case of diapers and daughter that tells me when she needs a diaper change. No, worries, she still has a couple of years before kindergarten so maybe I will still have time.

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