Sunday, February 15, 2009

Get out of here!

Ivy is in the hospital with RSV. It has been trying, to say the least. Maybe I will chronicle it, maybe I will just move on and try to put it behind me. It has been a rough week but something last night is just baffling to me.

I was standing in the kitchen area at 130am. The respirtory tech is sucking the thick crap out of my tiny, tiny daughter. I have a ponytail, glasses, ratty t shirt and pj bottoms. I look great, no, not really. I am likely having another glass of water as the hospital is dry and my nose is cracked and bleeding.

A male approaches me. This isn't anything new, there are people in and out of the kitchen, as the pediatric ward is filled, overflowing, really. He stops and begins to chat with me. He is dressed nicely and has stylish glasses. He also has 2 front teeth, the rest black and worn down. He is also covered in 40 tattoos. I don't see them all, just some, why me? Anyway, he has a 2 year old with RSV. She was premature, weighing in at 11oz, at 5 months. He explains that he has 5 other kids, one right out of high school. Apparently, when the sick baby was born, he drove fast to get to Wesley. From 21st and Amidon, he made it to Central and Hillside in a minute. I don't think the helicopter can make it that fast but I let him ramble about how much he spent to fix up this rocket car of his. Ok, by now I am ready to run away but can't. He continues to yammer on, asking me how old I was and how old my sick child was. I tell him and he actually says, I don't think anyone is ready for this. Really... He says, "I think that you are pretty attractive." My jaw drops and I want to smack him. I totally cannot believe this guy. What man can hit on a woman, while both of their daughters lay very ill? I'm not saying he wanted a date, just some things aren't appropriate and this was one of them. Some people.