Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A job for today

Last Thursday, my wonderful hubby came in the door, hot(he's always hot) and mumbling that we had to take his truck to the repair shop NOW! As I scrambled to get Mia and myself, purse, keys, phone and whatever else into my car, I asked why. Apparently, the brake warning light came on, they weren't working that well and I guess there was a smell. Ok, good enough. We get to the place, it belongs to a former neighbor and someone we trust with our cars. They trusted us with their cat so I guess it's all good. We get there and they are closed, locked up, so we throw the keys in the little slot and off we go.

I get a call the next day, while sitting in the OB/GYN's office, no less, that there are brake problems. Ok, obvious, call my husband because I am about to be inspected by the doctor himself. I hear later that the truck will be done around 230.

Flash forward. I am now 8 days without wheels. Apparently, the part came and they broke it! Nice, I thought you were qualified mechanics. I ask hubby if I can call and "vent" nicely about the situation. He says ok. I am beyond po'd at these people. I explain to the guy all of the stuff I have, teen, toddler and a bun in the oven. He apologizes, but not profusely by any means. I want some honest, begging apologies. I don't get it. I question why we had to wait 1 day for a part and now we have to wait 5. He says the shop will be closed Thursday and Friday but would I like to rent a car for $25? Hello? NO! I think at this point, you should give me one and be done with this. You have alot of nice Range Rover's sitting there. Get in and get over here. Nope, nothing. So, maybe the truck will be done on Monday, maybe not. The owner won't be back until the 10th, so we can't even complain to him. I am housebound. We had places to go and people to see. If it isn't done on Monday, there will be a pregnant woman in the shop giving them a lashing they will never forget.

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