Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A good friend is hard to find

I have a friend I will call "N." I didn't ask her if I could use her real name so am settling for using her inital. I met N in the 7th grade. I remember her vividly. N was tall, had nice, wavy hair and always was dressed nicely in a dress. I also remember her walking home with me and loving my mom's chocolate chip cookies. Anyway, I was in school with N til about sophomore year, when she moved to a rival high school. I missed her and wasn't sure what really happened to her. Fast forward to late last year. I was surfing and found her! I was thrilled and emailed her at once. We spoke on the phone and exchanged more email. She sent pictures as did I. When I got her photo email, I was almost scared to look. Did she look the way I remember? Do I look years older than her? I downloaded her photo and waited to see N. WOW! N was a woman and a really great looking one at that. Not that I was expecting to see N as a 7th grader anymore, but I was shocked to see she had grown up. It was actually kind of sad for me to know that we had missed so much of each others lives. N and I regularly keep in touch. She has a man that treats her the way she deserves and lives life to the fullest. I am glad to have found her. Good friendships are hard to find.

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