Monday, March 12, 2007

Yum, yum

When I was in junior high, there was an ice cream place called Swensons about 2 blocks away from the school. It was based out of San Francisco and all of the goodies had names like Coit Tower and other places that I have still never heard of. The place was really neat with lots of plants, stained glass and a train that ran on a track around the ceiling. LOTS of people went there and it was a fun place for a date, even though I didn't do that yet. They had sooo many good things to eat! One of my favorites was an ice cream soda that had a scoop of ice cream precariously sitting on the edge of tall glass. I never knew whether I should slurp down the soda or eat the ice cream before it melted into a huge puddle at the foot of my glass. Another favorite item was the "Earthquake." It was 8 scoops of whatever flavor ice cream you wanted and then covered with 8 flavors! We always took a couple of my friends when we ordered that. Sometimes when I got a good report card or just whenever she felt like it, my mom would take me to Swensons after school. It was a great treat. A few years later, Swensons closed down. When we went to the Springs a couple of years ago, it was a camping store. Very sad.

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