Friday, March 9, 2007

The Physical Part 2

So, luckily everything was normal with the female tests. However, the nurse says there are some levels of my blood that are "slightly elevated." She gives me the numbers for cholesterol and trigylerides. Who was she kidding? I was off the charts on both of these things and about to go on a Chicago trip and consume everything native to the area ie. PIZZA. I agreed to come in after the trip, I wasn't about to limit what I ate on a vacation. In Chicago, I did eat everything. Pizza, mozzarella sticks, loads of buttered bread and a filet mignon that melted in my mouth. I was in food heaven! I still talk to my wonderful husband about how awesome the trip was. We saw the beluga whales, dolphins, Plastinated corpses, but the FOOD is what I remember the most. Oh, and this incredible purse that I lovingly carry every day. If you get down to it, it was a weekend of cow. Great steaks, good cheese and a Coach bag! After the trip, I went to the doctor and he gave me samples of Lipitor. It makes me feel funny. My hands feel swollen, I am sluggish and my butt has gotten huge, but I am betting that that is from all of the cheesecake, caviar and eggs Benedict I ate on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building.

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Aaron Lenentine said...

Hey C -

I just went in for my physical about two months ago and my cholesterol was stupid too...: 405 for the overall cholesterol; LDL's (the bad stuff) were literally off the charts, like they didn't show up on the chart because they were so high; HDL's (the good stuff) was way low; Lp(a) was off the charts; and Triglycerides were (ready...) 2,468. That's right, 2,468. The American Heart associate ( says that 500 is very high. So what does 2,468 mean for me...? Good question, no one's been able to tell me so far. In any other sector in (public or private) a 1,968 difference means caution. There've been a lot of test since then, but no one's been able to tell me what the crap this means! So... it's been fun lately. No stress or anything. Anywho, I know where you're coming from with the cholesterol thing. I've quite smoking (it will be 2 months on the third), changed my diet dramatically (turns out Sarah's a Diet Nazi), have been exercising regularly and am on some stuff called Coreg, Pravastatin (which did make me feel wierd at first) and Niacin (which turns my skin inside out if I don't take a small dose of aspirin thirty minutes before). I'll be praying for you. Love ya'!