Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Case of the Ball Doot Seed

Mia was sitting on her grandfather's lap the other day, when she pointed at his stomach and asked why his tummy was so big. A funny moment but something a little more serious was brewing. He hadn't felt so hot for a couple of days, nausea and lots of pain. I could only guess it was morning sickness. He looked pretty good to be about 4 months along! A couple of days later he had my mom take him to the ER. He was admitted on the spot. Because he is a transplant patient, he was taken to the cardiac ICU. After meeting with a horde of different doctors, giving the blood and urine samples, it was determined that he had a kidney stone. He got lucky and was given a bunch of morphine to ease the pain. The nurse gave him 4mm and within about a second, he was out. Must be nice. Anyway, after a scan, it was announced that he wasn't pregnant but had a 7mm kidney stone! So, no baby. Mia was disappointed because it wasn't a ball doot(pumpkin) seed she was convinced he had swallowed. Yesterday morning, he was taken to the OR for a stent, not sure exactly what it is, other than something to open the pieces parts to allow the stone to pass. Upon getting it jammed in the "thingy," the doctor discovered that there was some globby things in his blood and that it may be a buildup of medicine, instead of the kidney stone. So, we are waiting to see what the globs are and if the stone will dissolve on its own. It is still very much up in the air. Luckily, my dad felt immediate relief and needs no morphine to combat the pain and can go home in the morning. As far as the "thing" in the "thingy," it could stay in there for a year! Fun! Hopefully, the stone will just dissolve and things will be fine again. So, while we don't have all the answers yet, there is no baby and no ball doot seed. Case closed.

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