Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cut and Color

Last night, Max was working on a school project that required poster board, colored pencils and a glue stick. Mia was enthralled with all of the goodies required. She was adamant that she sit by him and do her own "projek." I figured that it was time we start really doing some kind of project, whether art, coloring, letters etc.

This morning we traipsed to Dillons, where we got stickers, construction paper and markers, washable, of course. After our big purchase, we stopped at Starbucks, for a little creative energy. I'm not the least bit creative, so it will take everything I have to do any kind of art project.

I needed to find a website that had printable pages for coloring and some with letters. I found a few good sites, thanks to mommies I know, and printed off some pretty good stuff. Mia was desparate for a boat for her papa and a princess for her nana. We now have a working printer, thanks to my hubby, who will need it for a class he is going to teach. I printed off the necessary letter, boats and princesses that were requested and we were on our way.

Much to Mia's chagrin, I cut out and glued the sailboat onto the construction paper. I have heard way too many horror stories about little girls and scissors, and Mia has long hair, so better safe than sorry. As for the glue, I just finished cleaning crayon off my husband's mom's Steinway. Enough said. I wasn't even going to give her the chance to glue the cat to the table.

All in all, the "projecks" went very well. She was thrilled to color with the new pens and stick tons of ladybug stickers on her work. Her nana and papa loved their new creations and I was thrilled that Oxy Clean was invented and removes all kinds of stains. I can't forget those Magic Erasers. Bless you, Mr.Clean.

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Anonymous said...

You must have a very sweet little girl, and a studly saint for a husband (hope he doesn't read this and find out about the Seinway thing)