Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pen Ultimate

The other day at lunch, a friend gave me a piece of paper that set my heart aflutter! It was but a small paper but thrilled me nonetheless. What exactly could change me from a normal person to a woman with a burning desire to go to an office supply store? A coupon for retractable Sharpies! A pack of multicolored fun! Doodling for hours! All of this fun for $2 a pack! With a limit of 2 packs! WOOHOO! There are few things that are more fun than a bunch of cool pens. I was ready to head over to make the purchase right then, lunch or no lunch. Lest my excitement make my friend want to commit me to the nearest psych ward, I grabbed the coupon and anxiously waited to head across the parking lot to the office supply store. Upon our arrival, we found the shelves empty, apparently the pens are being phased out. After a few calls by a gracious store employee, we scored with the last 4 remaining packs in all of Wichita. Battling the Kellogg/Rock intersection proved hazardous as many a U turn occured. Then, there was the elderly lady that cut me off, but no worries, I was on my way for pens! I happily paid the $4 for my $50 worth of pens and went home. The possiblities are endless and I can't wait to try them all out. I'm not sure when I developed this odd pen fetish. If it looks cool, I will ask to take it. I have pens from all types of businesses, including my doctor's office. Dr. Gary was kind enough to give me a pen with a big, purple nose on it. I cherish each pen like it has some intrinsic value, which I suppose it doesn't. Luckily, I know others that are afflicted with this same pen weirdness that I posess, so I don't feel quite as bad. Pen lovers unite!


Chelle said...

I could have written that blog myself! I am a pen-a-holic! It's amazing how many different pens are out there! LOL! I'm glad you got the last ones in Wichita, saves me from going on the hunt for them, LOL!

Sara said...

Add me to the pen-a-holic list! I think I get it from my grandfather! Pen Lovers Unite!