Tuesday, March 4, 2008


On our way to school each day, we pass an art school called Monart. The marquee says they can teach anyone to draw. Well... I have always wanted to learn to draw. Max went there for a few lessons and came home with some pretty neat drawings. I took art in school since you had to and that is the only reason. I have never been too gifted with a pencil or paintbrush. My mom is talented but I didn't inherit any of that gift and sometimes I wonder if odd shapes painted on a canvas is really art or not. Playing Pictionary with my dad and myself can be a challenge even for someone into abstract art. My dad actually tried to pass off a circle with a line under it for a tree. Not that I am a Rembrandt myself, my stick figures are even poor. So, maybe when I become rich, I will take some art lessons to improve my scary stickmen, or maybe not.

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