Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MySpace? Facebook?

Due to the unyielding pressure from mom's in my mom group, I created a page on MySpace. The page quickly grew from a couple of random pictures to a list of 60 odd people that I supposedly call my "friends." I was looking at my so-called friends and realized that there are a few that I have never met, will never meet and could really care less about, though I don't lump them all in together. For instance, who is this "Amy" woman? Oh, that is right! She was the winner of some FoodTv new talent show. Apparently, she has her own show. Seen it? No, me either. Do I care? Well, no.
There is "4 hours to go", in Oklahoma City. I have only driven through OKC, therefore, I have no idea who this is. Her page says she is having her baby in 4 hours. Way to go and congratulations! If I knew you, I might have at least sent a card.
Look at poor Fred! I have a great deal of respect for him, as an actor and as the potential president. Since he dropped out of the race, are we still friends? Would his wife be angry to know that he has a hot mama on his friends list? Did I say that out loud? Oh...
Sean Hannity. He is a hottie and I swear he and Ann Coulter are getting it on in a coat closet somewhere at the Fox studio. I would if I was her! Did I say that out loud? Anyway, if my husband would watch something besides the news, I wouldn't have to lust after the newsguy. And let's face it, Alan Colmes is yuck with a capital Y!
I also have some family and potential family members listed as friends. They have to be my friend don't they? I think it is some marriage rule, you inherit the family upon the "I do" portion of the wedding ceremony. I would be seriously embarassed if they didn't want to be my friend. Though I don't like it when my 30 something nephew calls me "auntie." Wait til I see him next time!
I also have included on my friends page, a few authors that I like. Haven't met any of them, of course, and they don't know that I exist, no matter that I received email from some of them. I figure they have some flunky answer their email and respond appropriately to the legions of fan crap they receive.
This leaves the people I don't like, why are they on my list? I can't answer that and won't try, lest I hurt someone's feelings or get my own hurt. Snot or no snot, I guess you are my friend.
Facebook is another "friend" site that I got sucked into. I have a mere 29 friends. Where is everyone? Frankly, I am appalled that Sean Hannity hasn't begged me to be on his. Maybe Ann told him no, I don't know. Maybe I will ask Allan, well, maybe not.

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