Saturday, February 23, 2008

Party Time-Slumber Party Style

Once again, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and had a party. And, not just any party, a Slumber Party. The name conjures up cute girls in pigtails, having pillow fights and staying up late. The cold, hard truth is that there are no girls in pigtails and the only pillow you will see is one that looks like a vagina. Two women in my mommy group are distributors, one a recent convert, and this was her first show. After our friends ate and drank, we got down to the business of describing, handling and tasting items that can enhance our sex lives. I have to admit that sometimes I get embarassed, not only from handling a glittery, blue spinning vibrator but having people I "know" talk about certain kinds of stimulation in certain kinds of places! I, mean, I know your husbands and I have eaten at your houses, not sure I want to know what you have stuck and where. To top if off, my mom was there and I sure don't want to know what she likes to hit her G spot with! Aside from my general embarassement, the party went well. Our presenter did a fine job explaining where and what the various and sundry gadgets can do for you. Party sales yielded me a nice new gadget, purple with spikey deals guaranteed to get the job done. "Honey, where are the batteries?"

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Jen said...

you are a great hostess!! Thank you for opening your beautiful home to all us wild Mamas!! Oh and you are so HAWT!!! LOL