Saturday, February 23, 2008

Date Night

Tonight is our date night! Max is at his grandparents house and Mia will be going to her grandparents this afternoon. We don't have big plans, go to church, hit the new Baskin Robbins, check out the new books at Borders and tomorrow, brunch at Piztros. Our "dinner" tonight is consisting of Baskin Robbins. I know they only have ice cream but we have decided to "save" ourselves to gorge at the brunch. Why do our dates center around food? Why do I remember certain events only because of where we ate? How come when I drive, I have to use restaurants as landmarks to get somewhere? The fact is that I don't go out to eat much and enjoy eating. I am a firm believer that if you go out to enjoy something that you didn't cook, then eat up and order dessert, or eat dessert instead. Screw the waistline!

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Jen said...

I was sorry to hear your date brunch was not all that great. BIG HUGS!!!

I also checked out Jennsylvania-We should all live here! And I love her!!! I will have to barrow that book next!!!