Monday, February 25, 2008


During our trip to Seattle, I noticed that a lot of women seemed to be wearing down vests. Having lived in Colorado and South Dakota, I know what cold feels like, and it usually requires something with arms. Here in Kansas, it is a bit different, cold one minute, semi-warm next. I spoke to both of my sister-in-laws about why the vest is so happening on the Seattle fashion scene. They both stated that a vest was easier to wear than a huge, down jacket, as well as that semi-cold factor. Seattle is pretty nice in the winter, a little damp but there is little in the way of sleet falling on you. Hmmmm... I guess I needed a vest and of course, my sister-in-law, Cyndi was in complete and total agreement. She was the one that also turned me on to Chaco sandals but that is another post for another day. My other vested sister in law, Carol escorted me to the mall for my first vest shopping experience. I was on a pre-vest high! We started out in a store where the vests were $19! How could I refuse buying one, or a couple, as it turned out. I liked a black one and Carol liked a pink one so I had 2 vests! I even tore out the tags and wore the black one right off. I was looking good! Next door to the $19 vest store, I found an army green vest, with a fur hood! WOW! This vest was cool! Included in that purchase was a sweater that matched. Ok, so in the span on 5 minutes, I owned 3 vests. Maybe overkill but I got a great deal and isn't that what counts? I still wear my vests because you can never tell what the Kansas weather will yield. I don't see many people wearing vests here but that is ok, I know I am cool, literally and figuratively.


Kimble-Wood said...

I love my vests! I haven't purchased a down one yet because I couldn't find any around here I was crazy about. Guess I'm going to have to do some on-line shopping!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, 3 vests and a sweater, huh? I'd better read this more often. Very interesting as usual - oh, you have a typo - "turned me on the my Chaco". Ya Ya!