Monday, February 4, 2008

Channeling my inner Cyndi

I have to put it out that I am a total introvert! I don't like going to parties, mingling with strangers or cleaning my house, so that other people, whether I know them or not, can sit in my livingroom and look at the dust bunnies floating about, while pretending to have a good time. I just don't, probably never will. Keeping that in mind, I decided to have a little get together, nothing very grand, just a couple of girlfriends and their kids over on a Friday night. I casually mentioned this to my husband and he was aghast! The barrage of questions flew. How many kids? Are their husbands coming too? What are you going to eat? How late does something like this last? I have to admit that I really could only answer that we were going to be there and it was next Friday night. I had to have a plan...
I have a sister in law, Cyndi, that is better than Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker, rolled into one. She is not only one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but she is an inspiration to those that entertain and those who don't, myself falling into the latter category. I was thrilled to meet Cyndi, who generously loaned Bobby and I her gazebo, overlooking the Puget Sound for our wedding. What I wasn't expecting was a picture perfect home overlooking the ocean, decorated so cute that I wasn't sure I should even sit on the furniture, which was cushy, brown leather that looked and felt like butter. The carpet was white, gasp! The bathroom had a heated floor with windows looking out onto the hillside. I spent alot of time in that bathroom, just soaking up all cool bathroom stuff.
Not only does Cyndi have a sense of decorating that I envy but her family get togethers are nothing short of amazing! All the family, and we are a big group, eat, drink, play games and mingle, complete with yummy appetizers and fabulous dinners. If we aren't gorging on chalupas, we are noshing on crab, freshly fetched from the crab pot, dripping with butter! Heaven on a plate and always followed with some dessert that my mouth wants but my butt doesn't need.
In my mind, I can't measure up to the hostess prowess that Cyndi displays. So, when my party rolls around, I am thinking of ways to channel my inner Cyndi. Of course, I clean and clean and clean. But I feel there are hostessing items that I must master. I gather all dishes, napkins and silverware. I put the cups by the drinks. I put the food all together, I really don't know what else to do with it. My piece de resistance is the CAKE! Not an ordinary cake, but a chocolate lava cake, that will be baking when the guests arrive, the scent wafting through the house as they enter. I am clearly proud of this cake!
At the appointed time, the guests arrive, bringing food and drink to share with us. Kids run around, music plays in the background and we are having fun. All in all, a great night, the first I hope of many. I am left tired, with an empty cake pan. I am on my way to being a hostess!
By the way, I am sitting on a brown, cushy leather couch, can't bring myself to get the white carpet!


Jen said...

Wow! I wish I could write as elegant as you.


Aaron Lenentine said...

Crap. You know... you can lather it on from afar; meanwhile, those of us on the front lines have to try and find a way to make room for her head now! We're going to have to get a human head-sized shoe horn to help her get through door jams. Thanks Auntie!

She is pretty amazing though, isn't she? I'm cut from the same cloth as you, much more content to spend a Friday night alone with the family. I know I should get out more, and have more people over, but they're all so... peoplish!

Congrats on conquering the anxiety and forging ahead. You're right though, we can all take a few pages from mom's book.

Alicia said...

I was so nervous about coming to your house! Sometimes it's hard when everyone else knows each other and you're the "new girl"!

It was a lot of fun and I had such a good time with all the girl talk!