Monday, May 5, 2008

TV Time

I am not a big fan of TV. I hate getting sucked in to shows, like Lost, where I am waiting 4 odd years to find out who the heck the "others" are, or why fate dealt those unlucky passengers a most unpleasant hand. As far as being sucked in, for the past 3 years, we have watched American Idol. I was sucked in and, while I enjoy watching, I am sad that I have basically given up an hour of my life on Tuesday night to watch a bunch of amateurs try to become stars.

I remember watching alot of TV when I was younger. Tuesday was such a great night! Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley were treats that rivaled ice cream. Then, there was Saturday night. Who can forget the Love Boat and Fantasy Island? I used to pretend that I was on a cruise ship and my bedroom was a luxurious stateroom. Years later, I saw Titanic and realized I would never set foot on a boat, sharply dressed shipboard doc or not. After seeing reruns, I realized how many people came back on board as different characters. Did Aaron Spelling truly believe we wouldn't notice?On another note, I just finished reading Tori Spelling's book and it was a hoot. Good National Enquirer type reading.

Fantasy Island was a nightmare waiting to happen. There was also that same cast of characters that seemed to magically appear as new people, with new drama attached. Carol Linley and Dennis Cole seemed to make many, many, many appearances. Cole actually has his own website, though it doesn't mention FI at all. Wonder why? Maybe he felt Tattoo violated him in some way and refuses to acknowledge his episodes. Speaking of Tattoo, you know I have this interest in little people. Well, Tattoo, or Herve, was a kinky little guy. I read once that he covered himself with chocolate pudding and wanted his full size girlfriend to lick it off. I'm not sure exactly which part of that makes me gag but it does, for sure. Mr. Roark was really scary. I guess it was the voice but after you hear him do the Volare, Cordoba, or whatever, car commercial, it kind of loses the effect they were hoping for. The supernatural weirdness would get to me and I would often have nightmares. I'm sure my mom wouldn't have let me watch, knowing the after effects. Of course, she let me watch Love Boat and that was full of strangers having sex after dinner at the Captain's Table. Maybe that is where I got my upstanding set of morals.

I also liked, and still like, Scooby Doo, the old ones, not the ones with that idiot, Scrappy. The show hit an all time low when they added him. Of course, now I watch cartoons with Mia. She really enjoys Max&Ruby, which I can tolerate, and Caillou, which I can't. Max&Ruby has a brother and sister bunny and they are cute but don't really have a message. Maybe they do, but I have missed it. Caillou just pushes my buttons. He is a whiny, little pain in the ass. He is scared of the dark, of monsters, of dogs, you name it and the little guy is scared out of his wits. I hear that the voice of Caillou is actually a girl and that she was recently killed in a car crash. Very sad. I hope they don't get a replacement.

Bobby and Max watch TV like there is nothing else in the wide world to do. Bobby will watch FOX til we have heard the same report about Reverend Jeremiah Wright seventeen times. I like Sean Hannity but I think for Bobby it goes deeper. More like Lori Dhue, Megyn Kelly and the other women, that like to broadcast their assets, rather than the news. Is a miniskirt that barely covers your butt good for ratings or is it just a distraction for Geraldo? I will say that he will watch Bill O'Reilly and there is absolutely nothing sexy about him. Please excuse me for being a ninny hammer and popinjay. You look it up, I had to.

Don't know who else will recall, Dance Fever, Facts of Life, Dance Party USA, Peppermint Place, Knot's Landing and a million other shows that I remember from my childhood. I enjoyed watching them all but now don't feel the need to be chained to the televsion, flat screen, HD or not. So many books, so little time.

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