Sunday, April 1, 2007

Money, money, money

Yesterday, my beloved and I were at our home away from home, or as it is called in the retail world, the Coleman outlet. It is a place that commonly finds us dropping large sums of money all in the pursuit of the most excellent camping experience. I abhor camping, unless there is a good firm, king size bed and a spacious bathroom within the "tent." Anyway, I was standing around watching Mia dismantle the insulated cup display, when I saw money laying in front of the cash register area. I walked over and could clearly see that it was a $100 bill! I don't see them regularly so I looked at it and told the check out guy that someone lost their money. He seemed to remember it was a guy that bought a stove and had a wad of bills. He was long gone. He put the money aside and told his manager and they agreed to hold it out, for when the guy came back. While the thought of keeping the money never entered my mind, my question is will the guy think that he lost $100 at the Coleman store? What will they do with it, if he doesn't come back? Honestly, I don't think that the employee should keep it but I don't know if I deserve it either. It wasn't long ago that I was sitting in the school parking lot and watched some money blow out of a mom's pocket. I rushed out to get it before it blew away. It was a $20 bill. The lady checked her pocket and realized she also was missing a $5 bill. I ran back to her car and there it was. I gave it to her and she was thankful. It seems that I have been finding quite a bit of money lately. It would seem that my honesty is being tested. I believe that I have passed and am wondering what the next test will be. Lord, please don't let it be patience!


Jami said...

thats so fuuny, One day I was in Dillons getting ready to do self checkout I hadn't noticed but someome forgot to take there change out of the bill dispenser. As I approached the register the guy at the little desk says "there's a 10 dollar bill in there" and I am like okay so we just stand there finally I hand him the bill .. but I too wander why he would deserve to get it, I am sure whoever left isn't going to come back for it they will figure that someone else has already gotten too it right, Anyways I too wander if God isn't testing me cause I also found a credit card in walmart one day not that I would ever use it but it always surprises me when those things happen.

Aaron Lenentine said...

Psalm 18:24