Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peanut and the 'Gina

You probably know where this is going. Nana buys book with body parts pictured and named, toddler loves book, demands names, mother wants to wring Nana's neck.

I suppose it started out innocently enough. We were in the book section of Goodwill and Nana finds a child's book detailing the body, all of the body. Asks me if it is on the toddler approved reading list, it's not, by the way. I give my okay, thinking it will be put up til toddler is say, OLDER?!?!

Flash forward a couple of weeks, Mia finds the book on her bookshelf at Nana and Papa's house and demands a reading, right then and there. I politely decline, grabbing the baby and bolting for the door. Nana bought it, she can read it. Well, of course, Mia wants to "share" some new information, pictures and all. Keeping in mind these are more or less line drawings, I acquiesce, and have a gander at the naked pencil drawn kids. Boy, they are pretty anatomical. We give the "parts," as they are currently called, the real, honest to goodness names. You know, penis and vagina, the words you want your kid to yell out while you are waiting in line at Walmart. She already has a grasp of boobs and breast, so why not just get it all out there, so to speak?

Last night, I am nursing Ivy and Mia is laying on a little rug, with a blanket and a potty training book that I stuck in Ivy's bookshelf. We will be giving that a whirl sometime next week, kidding, of course. Anyway, Mia is running down this little checklist, quietly, but I can still hear what she is saying.

"Mommy, the 'gina."
"Mia, the 'gina."
"Ivy, the 'gina."
"Nana, the 'gina."
"Sofie, the 'gina." She is our cat, by the way. Don't want her parts to be left out.

"Daddy, the peanut."
"Max, the peanut."
"Papa, the peanut."
"Jon, the peanut."

I don't want to laugh, but it is difficult. She then proceeds to point out the parts of dear, little Prudence. "Look, she has parts, it looks like a smile! Look, has a hole in her bunnies for poop." I just sit there and agree, not wanting to put a damper on all of the fun she is having. I have to draw the line, when she says my parts look like a rabbit. I don't even want to know where she was going with that!

So, thanks Nana for a book on peanuts and the gina's. Let's hope you don't have the Joys of Sex floating around somewhere!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

How do I spell the coffee snorting out the nose noise I just made while reading this?!? Rabbit? Who knows!