Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shoe blog

If you know me, you know I love shoes! My feet don't grow, at least not much, so I can buy a lot of shoes and not have to worry. I am particularly fond of the Shoeshine blog. A friend from the mommy board I read faithfully, filled us in about this blog. The featured shoes are always amazing! One of the high points, is that nearly all of these shoes are what I call cost effective, or you can buy a bunch because they are on sale! You have to love that!

I recently bought a NWT(new with tag, for you non-shoppers)pair of Merrell tennies from They are an army green suede. Merrell's are expensive so I was pleased to find them for such a good deal. I won the auction and am excited to get them.

My mom is also a shoe junkie. We used to wear the same size, but sadly, we don't anymore. I grew, what a shock. We love Born shoes but can't switch anymore. Bummer.

No one wants to trade shoes with me and that makes me sad. I am hoping that one of my daughters will have the same size feet as me and will have excellent taste in shoes. I also hope I'm still cool enough to share with them. I can just hear them, "Mom, get out of my closet. You can't borrow my shoes!" I will then get my walker and hobble off to my room to sulk.


Hannah said...

What size do you wear? I bought my first pair of flats yesterday. I feel so cool! :)

P.S. My feet grew during my last pregnancy. :( Wah!

MamaMia said...

I couldn't live without my flats! I run 7-8,it all depends.

Kimble-Wood said...

I ordered a pair of Ombre flats off of ebay last night since the ones she had the other day were sold out. Mine are kind of purple-colored. I still need to find some metallic-colored ones. Too bad I'm moving all weekend or I'd hit the clearance room at Von Maur!